Hadrian's Wall Bank Holiday Weekend Away


Fri-Mon Aug 26th-29th


Malcolm and Diane


£78 (including supplement) per person for 3 nights


For the August Bank Holiday weekend, we are staying next to Hadrian's Wall, the UNESCO world heritage site in Northumberland. Our venue is the new YHA hostel at the Sill, just a few minutes' walk from the Wall. The Sill has mostly ensuite dorms, full catering and is surrounded by the best-preserved Roman forts created to defend the frontier in AD122. The Hadrian Wall bus AD122 stops at all the historical sites along the wall and allows linear walks alongside the Wall.

Friday: After settling in we plan a short stroll up to one of the most dramatic sections of Hadrian's wall. After dark the hostel has minimal external lighting as it is the middle of the largest Dark Sky Park in UK. Superb for star gazing on our first night here.

Saturday: We plan a 9 mile walk along Hadrian's Wall which can be walked along for its entire length. This walk will include Housesteads which is the best-preserved Roman Fort in Britain, garrisoned by a thousand soldiers. We also visit several milecastles built each mile along the wall, including "Nicks Castle". There is a chance to see the much photographed "Sycamore Gap", seen in "Robin Hood". In 2016 it took the crown for the English tree of the year. The walk involves some hills with great views over the Northumberland countryside.

Sunday: We plan an 8 mile walk in the opposite direction to Cawfields Quarry. The second Legion built this to protect the weak spot of hole gap. It hangs onto the edge of sheer crags. You can also see the bedrock of the Whinn Sill in Cawfields itself. Also option to walk to Vindolanda Fort (1 mile from hostel) which is another superb Roman site with full scale replicas of the original fortifications. Other walks can be arranged using the AD122 bus to other Roman forts and historic sites.

Monday: Diane is leading a walk around Ashgill Force, near Alston, the highest waterfall in the area. Alston is a very scenic town on the Pennine Way. Brian is leading a city walk around the riverside of Newcastle including the famous Tyne bridges and the Baltic Exchange Art Gallery. Train travellers have to change trains here. Option to get early train from Bardon Mill, spend time in Newcastle, and book late afternoon LNER train back from Newcastle.


Hostel does full catering with picnic site in landscaped gardens. Self-catering kitchen. Pub 5 minutes' walk , packed lunches for walks. Cafes at tourist sites along the Wall.


Bardon Mill station is just 2 miles from hostel with bus connection. Change trains at Newcastle. Arranging lifts is an individual responsibility and is not arranged by leaders.


YHA Sill, Hadrian's Wall, Bardon Mill, NE47 7AN


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